View-Master Packets
Packet No. Title Brand Year Booklet Comment
F 003 Mexico City G3 a 1973   no reels
FT-1 Little Red Riding Hood   1946 x  
FT-2 Hansel and Gretal   1946 x  
FT-3 Jack and the Beanstalk   1946 x  
FT-4 ABC Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs S3 e 46/55 x reels 55/env 46
FT-5 Cinderella and the Glass Slipper   1946 x  
FT-6 Goldilocks and the Three Bears   1946 x  
FT-7 The Three Little Pigs   1948 pink  
FT-7 The Three Little Pigs     blue no reel
FT-8 Little Black Sambo   1948 peach $20 (purple more)
FT-9 The Ugly Duckling   1948 x  
FT-11 The Pied Piper of Hamelin     only  
FT-12 Thumbelina     only  
FT-20 A Alice in Wonderland S 52   miss 2 chips, worn
FT-30 The Night Before Christmas     2 ony  
FT-50A Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp     only  
FT-51 The Magic Carpet     only