Cataloging & Identifying Your Collection

A typical complete reel set or packet consisted of an outer envelope as well as inner sleeves containing 3 reels. The packets also included a booklet beginning approximately in 1962. Full value is only accorded to complete sets. Many collectors consider incomplete packets or single reels of little or no value. Personally, I collect all components, together and separate, because I enjoy them--not because they may or may not be "collectable".  
  Packets have been assigned standardized designations that indicate their year and company of origin. These designations are necessary since many reels were issued more than once with outer envelope package variations. The "S"-series was produced by Sawyers, the "G"-series by GAF, and the "V"- series by View-Master Int'l. After 1982 packaging changed from envelopes to cards and so there exists no true designation for the Tyco series.  
  S1 logo line drawing consisting of viewer w/3 reels, no reel numbers (1953- 1954)  
  S2 reel numbers appear below logo line drawing of model C viewer on front (1954-1955)  
  S3 circle upper right corner on front without reel numbers & model C or E viewer (1955-1957)  
  S4 circle upper right corner on front with reel numbers (1958-1960)  
  S5 oval logo front lower right corner no reel numbers, features reel picture (1960-1963)  
  S6 including the Lowell Thomas edition variation (1963-1966)  
  G1 gaf lowercase logo on back in black (1967-1969)  
  G2 gaf lowercase logo on back in red (1969-1970)  
  G3 gaf lowercase logo upper left front corner (1970-1975)  
  G4 GAF uppercase logo upper left front corner (1975-1976)  
  G5 no logo upper left front corner, back redesigned usually with date (1977-1978)  
  G6 below logo on back "3-D Pictures" replaces "Stereo Pictures" (1978-1981)  
  V1 ViewMaster Int'l blotted-out GAF logo (1981)  
  V2 ViewMaster logo moved to upper left front corner (1981-1982)  
  Note: different editions exist and are identified by a small uppercase letter in the lower front right corner of envelope. "A" is the most common. "D" editions contained no booklets.
  When prefix-lettered series of reels were introduced, the catalog number identified the 3-reel set, with the catalog number cited as a 3-digit number (eg, A817, B910). However, the number actually appearing on any individual reel is a 4-digit number, with the 4th digit serving to identify which reel it is of the 3-reel set (eg, A1073 = reel 3 of set A107).
  The single-letter prefix series A, B, C... does not represent any particular grouping like double-letter prefixes do. Sets were reissued many times under new envelope packaging upon the several changeovers of company ownership.
  European-issue reels have SUFFIX LETTERS indicating languages as follows:  
  Ar Arabic  
  E English  
  F French  
  Fi Finnish  
  G German  
  Sp Spanish  
  N Nerlandais=Dutch=Flemish  
  ML2 7 Multi-language  
  P Portugese  
  1995-2006, Diane Leigh Davison