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3D Publications: The Personal Collection


These are some publications which either are on-topic or feature some type of 3D effect. All are mostly out-of-print (so keep an eye out for them in antique shops & flea markets)!

Amazing 3D by Hal Morgan & Dan Symmes (Little Brown & Co, 1982) -- (a most execllent book!).

An Outstanding Collection of 3-Dimensional Drawings & STEREO-VIEWS by Arthur Chandler & Wayne Pope (Troubador Press, 1978).

3 Dimension Sound Motion Pictures:Wide Film Motion Pictures ["Third Dimension Movies and E-X-P-A-N-D-E-D Screen"] by James R. Cameron (Cameron Publishing Co, Coral Gables, FL, 1953) 188 pages.

Guided Tours of the World: Colorslide Travel Program (Panorama: A Service of Columbia Records Club, NY 1960) each book contains 2 slide cards.
National Geographic Magazine. Featured 3 issues in the 1980's with holographic covers.
VENTURE: The Traveller's World Magazine. Bi-monthly and subsequently monthly (1960's-1970's) publication of Cowles Communications, Inc with a 6-3/4" square lenticular cover photograph on the subject of the feature story. These "3-D camera" photos are credited to Visual Panographics, Inc. (then at 488 Madison Avenue, NY, NY 10022) and in some issues are identified as Xographs;®.

Other 3D Publications: Not in my Collection

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