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Tiny TV Viewers & Other Mono Viewers:
The Personal Collection

Remember those tiny plastic televisions viewers that would show various slides of a vacation spot or popular tourist attractions when you clicked the button underneath and looked through the little hole in the back of the set?!

Although not in 3-D nor in stereo, these are in fact what I term "mono-viewers", featuring a self-contained permanent reel of pictures to view. They can also be found in the form of a mini camera or other shapes and configurations.
These tv sets used to be everywhere but now seem to have all but disappeared from the popular culture scene. If you have any tv viewers to sell or know where any can be found, please let me know! I will post known sources for anyone else interested in obtaining such tv's!

And of course, those infamous tiny plastic mono- viewers. Usually sold at beach resorts and commonly attached to keychains. Peer inside and see a single small photograph displayed. Often your own picture is the subject of this type of viewer! An affordable scope for one and all!

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